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PhotoArt Portfolio Vol. 3

Water & Weather, Landscapes & Seasons

Royalty-free stock photography for screen design and desktop publishing
© Julien Biere & Lothar Schiffler, 1995. Treatment/Bearbeitung: Brigitte Weidmann

200 enhanced and optimized professional stock photos: Streams, rivers, waterfalls, cataracts, lakes, sea, surf, skies, clouds, thunderstorm, rainbows, sunsets, moods, landscape patterns, cliffs, deserts, mountains, fields, blossoms, leaves, meadows, snow, ice cristals.

200 ausdrucksstarke Motive in erstklassiger Photo-CD-Qualität mit intensiver digitaler Nachbearbeitung und Optimierung.
Published by Verlag Weidmann & Biere in cooperation with Verlag Laterna Magica, München